It's All a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

A Thursday Night in Salem
It all started out as a fairy typical night in Salem

Rebecca was hanging out on the beach at Salem Willows, hovering around an illegal bonfire and drinking. She and her friends where having a fine time when the closing time at the Amusement Park came around and the noise in the area dimmed. A long mournful howl arose from across the water. The boys began to howl back and wade into the water while Rebecca’s friend Tina, dragged her further along the beach. “I wanna go to Maleficarum” Tina whined, “If we’re not there early enough Hunter won’t pick me.” After some argument Rebecca and Tina got into Rebecca’s car and started towards the underground dance club.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s night at home was interrupted when one of her ghostly residents, Jeremy Depp, floated past her vision looking very pale, even for a ghost. Maggie fussed over her spirit companion, asking him about his condition and making him the equivalent of ghostly chicken soup. Jeremy had been wandering around the Salem Common and suddenly felt very tired. He also couldn’t find any of the other ghosts that usually inhabited the Common. Concerned about ghosts going missing in Salem, Maggie called Detective Harlow, interrupting his night at home researching warding rituals. The two agreed to meet at the Salem Common to investigate.

Jack was also out and about that night. Sitting at the bar in The Old Spot, he was disturbed when the drunk next to him leaned over and asked, “Have you seen the flying kid?” After exchanges that grew more heated as they continued, Jack finally found the YouTube video featuring a grainy figure stepping off a building in the Common when gliding 40 feet in the air before landing lightly on the ground. Having had enough foolishness for the night, Jack quit The Old Spot and walked right into James and Maggie on the street. As they greeted one another, the sound of a car, screeching down the road interrupted them. Jack looked up and jumped aside while Rebecca’s little silver Mini Coop came around the corner. Maggie was unable to get out the way, so James did a quick bit of magic to summon a sand bank to stop the car’s trajectory.

After the impact, Tina jumped from the vehicle and tried to walk towards the club. Jack blocked her progress as Rebecca disembarked and began to rail at James for the damage to her vehicle. When Jack got drawn into the argument, Tina slipped away from the chaos while Maggie gathered herself and started looking around for ghosts. When Rebecca climbed back into her car and tried to back out of the sandbank, James gathered his energy to hex the car engine, effectively frying every electronic device in the zone. Finally realizing that Tina was gone, the group looked around the immediate vicinity. When they couldn’t see her, James cast a quick tracking spell on Tina’s sweater and followed the footprints towards Maleficarum and around to the side entrance. The entrance was locked so Rebecca went around to the front and slipped past the bouncer. The rest followed and were whisked through on James’s reputation.

The inside of the club was dark, chaotic and loud. Rebecca used the payphone to take care of her car troubles before looking for Tina in the crowd. James followed her into the masses while Jack tried to push his way into the employee area, instigating a small fight, involving his Uzi and the fey guard’s fists, which was quickly interrupted my Maggie’s quick chit chat while she distracted the guard and allowed Jack to slip into the employee area. A quick search and Tina is nowhere to be found. The flustered guard escorted Maggie to the bar and tried to get away from her interrogation. After revealing that he knew nothing about Tina’s whereabouts, Maggie was abandoned at the bar, left in the care of the bartender Ryder. On the dance floor James and Rebecca also come up empty and James decides to pay Hunter a visit. The two of them slip upstairs to the VIP section.

The conversation with Hunter was filled with double entendres and hidden words, like most conversations involving the sidhe. Hunter was more interested in connecting with Rebecca than answering James’ questions. He repeatedly denied seeing Tina and after both James and Rebecca tried to judge the truthfulness of his replies, they abandoned the conversation after securing the right to look around the employee areas, with the understanding that James would do something about Jack and his display of violence downstairs. After a more thorough search of the kitchen and employee areas, the group still couldn’t find Tina. James attempted the tracking spell again and followed Tina’s footprints through the clubs, around the dance floor and out the door. Rebecca and Maggie found themselves at the bar, with free drinks where each was given a small crystal that seemed to glow. Rebecca fled to the washroom to look for Tina after assuring Maggie that she would be alright on her own. Inside the room, Rebecca found one drunken party girl worshiping at the porcelain altar and another crying woman who had made the mistake of trying to flirt with Jack to only have her phone stolen (and subsequently returned by James) and her heart broken.

The club now completely searched, the group continued outside, following Tina’s tracks which lead a little further down the street before disappearing completely. A short stop at a late night Pizza Parlour and James had food to tempt the Salem pixies. They came in droves. James initiated a trade – a good faith pizza now and another to follow if they could find Tina. After gorging themselves, most flew off in search. One pixie rolled around on the pizza box and smeared tomato sauce and pizza grease all over himself. Jack poked the pixie in the belly, much to the pixie’s outrage. After another heated exchange… Jack seems to get himself in all kinds of trouble… the remaining pixies flew off. After an hour, none had returned. Another 45 minutes and most came back with the same response, no sign of Tina anywhere in downtown Salem. Having had enough adventure for the night, the group retired to their respective houses.


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