Harlow Estate

The Harlow Estate was built in the early 19C by shipping magnet John Harlow. The estate features a spacious manor house, a carriage house and several other out buildings, including an old forge at the rear of the property used by John Harlow’s son. An extensive garden surrounds the estate and aerial photography reveals a strangely shaped hedge maze which was reportedly grown by John Harlow’s wife Amelia for their children. The Harlow Estate remains in the hands of the Harlow family, though it has fallen in disrepair.

The Harlow Estate is registered with the Salem Historical Preservation Society. File #836431

Associated Aspects
Theme Ancestral Home Familial Obligations
Threat Money Pit Land Rich, Cash Poor

Associated Faces

James Harlow (Harlow Heir)
Deidre Harlow (Cousin)

Harlow Estate

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