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Your Supernatural Tour of Salem begins here. Please use the following links to learn more about the people and places of Salem’s supernatural and mundane communities.

Places to See

Historic Sites Museums Dining
Old Salem Jail Complex The House of the Seven Gables The Old Spot
Burying Point New England Pirate Museum The Salem Inn
First Universalist Church The Salem Athenaeum Witches Brew
Pioneer Village The Witch House
The Salem Harbour
Parks & Recreation Entertainment Shopping
The Misery Islands CinemaSalem HEX
Salem Common The Friendship of Salem Omen
Salem Willows Maleficarum Salemdipity
Winter Island Marine Park

Other Sites of Interest
Harlow Estate
Salem State University

Salem VIPs

Mundanes Faeries Vampires
Mayor Prescott Hunter Miranda Carmichael
Chief Tucker Calypso Julian Carmichael
Archibald Grayson Burberry Jeremiah Crane
Rev. Hathorne Dahlia
Jodi Ghosts Shapeshifters
Bloom Charles Winston III Xing Yun
Deidre Harlow Inmate 314 Rosalie

Main Page

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