Old Salem Jail Complex

The Salem Jail was first built in 1831 and included the original building and the keeper’s house. The haunted facility has a rich history including a visit from Magician Harry Houdini who staged an escape here in 1906 and the jail was also home to the famous Boston Strangler. In 1984, detainees successfully sued the city in the name of inadequate living conditions. A federal judge ordered the facility closed in 1991.

For many years the facility sat vacant, despite the city’s attempts to revitalize the site. In 2009, New Boston Ventures found funding to turn the complex into apartments and the job was completed a year later.

Associated Aspects
Theme A Building with a Past “If these wall could talk”
Threat Ghostly Residents Spectral Residue

Associated Faces

Inmate 314 (Ghost)

Old Salem Jail Complex

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