Salem Common

Salem Common, the large, attractive park in the heart of the city, has been public land since Salem’s early days. However, a portion of these eight acres was originally swampy area, with several ponds and small hills. The higher ground was used as pasture for goats and cows which were brought out to graze for the day and then returned to their owners at night by the town cowherd.

From as early as 1685, the dry part of the common was used also as the designated area where people could practice shooting in order to be prepared for military duty. Needing a place for regular military drills, it was voted in 1714 by the commoners to be “forever kept as a training field for the use of Salem”. In 1805, many of the ponds were filled in, the surface levelled and rows of poplar trees were planted, and these trees were later replaced by elms after a horrific gale in 1815. Today the Little Folk, and occasionally the weres, use it as a giant playing field at night, usually to play Capture the Flag type games. The mundanes use it for community events.

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Theme Manicured Landscape Improving Mother Nature
Threat Salem Common Ground Shared Territory

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Salem Common

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