Pixie on the Make


Dahlia is the most vocal pixie living in Salem Willows. She’s constantly flittering about the park, spying on mundanes and looking for her true love. She’s happiest when she has the attention of any nearby male and cranky when she doesn’t. Luckily, her own attention span is short and you can often distract her with shiny trinkets and cosmetics.


I’ve been trying to figure out where Dahlia’s pursuit of true love started and think I have narrowed it down to one of two events. The first possibility is a screening of The Princess Bride in the park a couple of summers ago for the 20th anniversary of the film. There was a giant party in the park, with costumes and music. Dahlia was ecstatic, so many new faces, tons of good and glitter everywhere. She flew around mouthing dialogue for a few weeks after that – I think I would find the whole thing more amusing if her obsession hadn’t lingered.

The second possibility involves a bet with another pixie and some questionable language that I won’t repeat.



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