Sidhe Prince of Winter


Hunter is the owner and main attraction at Maleficarum. Every night, he personally opens the doors to the club and greets the throng awaiting outside. He periodically selects a few lucky girls and boys to join him in the VIP section of the club, where he holds court.


Hunter’s history is as much of a mystery as his last name. Although Maleficarum has been operating for several years in Salem, it used to be a rotating rave. When Hunter appeared in Salem two years ago, he opened the club and the raves stopped. There have been some rumours floating around The Paranet that these underground dance clubs are showing up across America, but nothing has been substantiated yet. We’ve also had reports that some of Hunter’s VIPs are leaving the club looking less than stellar. I haven’t managed to get anyone into the VIP section though, so I don’t know if this is because the participants are just having a good time or because something is feeding off them in there. I should get on that.



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