James Harlow

Warden of the Peace



High Concept

Warden of the Peace


Old Eyes In a Young Face

Other Aspects

Roguish Good Looks
Student of the Gatekeeper
Too Powerful For His Own Good
I Am What Comes Around
The Only Thing Keeping You Alive Is My Self-Control


Superb (+5) Conviction, Discipline
Great (+4) Athletics, Lore
Good (+3) Endurance, Presence
Fair (+2) Alertness, Contacts, Rapport
Average (+1) Fists, Investigation, Intimidation, Resources, Survival

Stunts & Powers

Evocation [-3]
Thaumaturgy [-3]
The Sight [-1]
Soulgaze [-0]
Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
Refinement [-2]

Power Level

Total Refresh 10
Adjusted Refresh 1
Skill Cap Superb
Total Skill Points 35
Unspent Skill Points 0
Current Fate Points 1

Evocation Specializations

Earth (+2 Control, +1 Power)

Thaumaturgy Specializations

Crafting Strength +1

Focus Items

A steel ring (+1 offensive earth control) [1 slot]

A gold watch engraved with protective runes (+1 defensive earth control, +2 defensive earth power) [3 slots]

Enchanted Items & Potions

An amulet inlaid with a semi-precious stone that temporarily hardens James’ flesh in response to physical attacks (Block 6 or Armor:3, 3 uses/session) [3 slots]

An unadorned silver ring that absorbs ambient kinetic energy which can later be released in a blast of pure force (Weapon:4 spirit (force) attack, 2 uses/session, aimed with Discipline) [1 slot]

Rote Spells

Type: Earth (gravity) evocation, attack
Power: 6 shifts
Control: Roll Discipline, plus specializations and focus items as an attack roll.
Target: One target in line-of-sight, inflicting physical stress
Duration: One action
Effect: James sends a tiny singularity streaking towards his target that rips into his enemies with intense gravitational force. Although the effect is essentially a small bullet-like black hole, it appears more like a beam of darkness due to the light-eating properties of the singularity.
Opposed by: Target’s Athletics skill, magical blocks, or some other skill as determined in play
Variations: James can divide the shifts of effect among two or more targets, rolling to hit each separately.

Diamond Form
Type: Earth evocation, defensive block
Power: 8 shifts
Duration: 1 exchange
Effect: James’ body transforms into living diamond and becomes incredibly resilient against physical and mental attacks. James may decide whether he wishes to use the block as a standard 8-shift block, or as Armor:4.
Variations: James can choose to devote some of the power of the spell into duration, resulting in longer lasting, but weaker protection.
Notes: James requires his defensive glove to perform this rote.

Type: Earth evocation, defensive block
Power: 8 shifts
Target: The caster, a single friendly subject, or a small group (see variations)
Duration: Until pierced or the subject reveals himself
Effect: The subject blends perfectly into the environment to the point of invisibility.
Variations: James can devote 2 shifts of power into expanding the effect to include a small group of people, although this results in the spell being easier to pierce.
Notes: James requires his defensive glove to perform this rote.


Phase 1: Background

James was born to the Harlow family, a wealthy family of old magic dating back to the founding of Salem which managed to weather the Salem Witch Trials unscathed. He was sent abroad at a young age to begin his training in the magical arts in an effort to instill discipline, as James proved to be an unruly child.

Phase 2: Rising Conflict

James demonstrated remarkable ability in combat magic, and was fast-tracked into the Wardens. He spent years on the front lines of the Vampire War before he was approached by the Gatekeeper to continue his studies under Rashid’s tutelage.

Phase 3: The Story

Hanging On starring James Harlow, Rebecca Wright, & Maggie Malone

James’ first case with the Salem PD involves a series of disappearing children that leads him into the realm of ghosts and spirits when he discovers that the deranged ghost of a young girl who had been hanged during the Witch Trials is responsible.

Phase 4: Guest Star

Escalation starring Jack, Rebecca Wright, & James Harlow

James is drawn into a daylight shootout at Salem State University between an angry midget with an uzi and a cadre of red court vampire drug-dealers.

Phase 5: Guest Star Redux

Halloween Haunting starring Rebecca Wright, Maggie Malone, & James Harlow

As a ghostly catastrophe breaks out at the Witch House, James aids Ectomancer Maggie Malone keep things under control by protecting the youths who had broken in while Maggie deals with the angry spirits.

James Harlow

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