Coffee-Guzzling Barista


Jodi is the full-time barista at Witches Brew. She’s blonde, pretty and highly caffeinated – a triple threat. Jodi’s one to watch, mostly because she’s a lot smarter than she appears. Giver her an audience and she’ll play bouncy cheerleader, peddling her coffee to every person who steps through the door. Catch her closing the cafe or while visiting some of the occult shops around town and she’s more like one of those mean girls in the movies – “get out of my way or I’ll push you in front of a bus” – scary.


Last time I stopped in Witches Brew, I noticed that Jodi seems to be developing a following of some type – and I don’t mean on Twitter. There have been an inordinate amount of people staying until closing and having some kind of after hours sit-in at the cafe. Jodi says it’s a “members only” book club that she’s testing before offering to the public at large. I don’t believe it, but then again, I wasn’t invited.



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