Julian Carmichael

White Court Terrorist


Julian Carmichael, son of Miranda Carmichael, is another popular figure around Salem, though he doesn’t run in the same circles as her mother. To the public, Julian is a quirky playboy. Half of his time is spent partying around Salem’s hotspots – he seems to enjoy Maleficarum and the other half pursuing his own interests, which seem to center on breeding show dogs as well as the traditional gentlemanly pursuit of hunting, and a strange fascination with architecture. Julian is employed by Carmichael Real Estate and is working on plans to revitalize The Misery Islands.


Julian can often be seen around town in the company of his peers, all of whom are members of the White Court. If you know anything about Court politics, you may even question why Julian is never left alone. Pay close attention, Julian and Miranda’s relationship is certainly not as smooth as it appears to the general public. He often rails about Miranda’s moderation mandate, especially after he came back from his tour abroad last year. Sometimes I think that the Carmichaels’ public image is the only thing keeping Julian alive in the face of his “mother’s” wrath. At the same time Miranda continues to dote on him. Twisted.


Julian Carmichael

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