Miranda Carmichael

Fearsome Leader of the White Court


On paper, Miranda Carmichael seems like an upstanding member of the Salem community. She’s the head of the Salem Tourism Board, has a thriving real estate firm, is friends with the mayor and the chief of police and her family often graces the sociey pages of New England. It’s all a front of course. Miranda is first and foremost the Leader of the White Court of Vampires in New England. She rules her family with a firm and steady hand. Miranda advocates careful feeding on tourists through a moderate use of fear tactics. She’s very concerned about sustainability and keeping her family safe, especially given the Vampire War.


Miranda’s not bad for a emotion-sucking vampire. She’s scary as hell, but she’s also cautious enough not to leave bodies strewn around unless she has too. Your best bet when dealing with her is to stay beneath her notice. I onced worked a party for her at Seven Gables, gathering intel on the family while serving canapes. I got out clean… I hope she isn’t reading this…

Miranda Carmichael

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