John Hathorne

Bible-Thumping Extremist


Reverend John Hathorne is the leader of the First Universalist Church. He takes his namesake – Justice John Hathorne of Witch Trial fame – to heart. The Reverend is waging a one man war against the “supernatural” threat, much to the chagrin of his congregation. Most of the kindhearted folks in Salem attribute his fire & brimstone approach to the stress of is only daughter leaving Salem to stalk some angsty actor who plays a vampire in Hollywood. They hope he’ll eventually settle back into a more conservative preacher. Our community however is wary. It’s unclear exactly how much he knows about the truth of Salem, but if he doesn’t stop making a fuss, we might get outed anyway… or maybe he’ll get eaten by a vampire.


Reverend Hathorne’s latest rants have involved putting pressure on city hall to close some of the more entertaining businesses in Salem in favour of expanding Pioneer Village and the “fine Puritanical message” it sends. He obviously has no idea.


John Hathorne

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