Werefox Potion Maker


Rosalie works at HEX, one of Salem’s premier occult shops. Within the supernatural community, she is known for her potion making. Her job as HEX serves as a cover for her own activities and for those of the supernaturals who use her services – it’s hiding in plain sight. Rosalie has an extensive knowledge of herbs and elixirs and treats with everyone equally.


I really like Rosalie. She’s a lot of fun and is serene at the same time. Once, we went for a drink after work at The Old Spot and she convinced Xing to let her behind the bar. She makes a mean mojito. I think half of the barflys fell in love with her right there. She spent the rest of the evening re-arranging the drink menu. I waited most of the night for Xing to get fed up with her and throw her back over the counter, but he never did. Good times.



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