Xing Yun

Draconic Bartender with an Unusual Horde


Xing Yun is bartender at The Old Spot. He’s so quietly intimidating that there are rarely issues with overly boisterous patrons in the bar. This could also be attributed to the naginata he keeps suspended behind the bar. Xing is known to collect stories from bar patrons. If you can tell him a good tale, something he’s never heard before, you are likely to drink free for the night. He knows a lot of people, had a lot of friends, and takes the accorded neutral ground status of The Old Spot very seriously.


Although he doesn’t like to talk about it, from several conversations I’ve learned a little about Xing’s tragic past. Xing’s wife was killed about a century ago during the Boxer Rebellion. I understand that his home was also burnt to the ground. For several years now he’s been looking for mementos of his wife – pieces of jewelry or decor that was looted during the war. The story is so sad.


Xing Yun

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